It is safe to say farmers and foresters are extremely concerned about environmental sustainability because they rely on the sustainable use of soil, water and land resources for their survival.

Environmental sustainability is vital to the continuation of resource harvesting, and the clear long term interests of forestry and agriculture in the continuing practice their trades provides a deep self interest in doing their collective parts.

Forestry and agriculture both contribute to creating biofuel that offsets the amount of fossil fuel used in heating and combustion. Both agriculture and forestry work under regulatory frameworks that protect environmentally sensitive and ecologically significant green spaces on both privately owned and crown lands.

The crops planted by farmers and the seedlings planted by the forestry sector provide a natural carbon capture which helps reduce global warming at rates greater than the natural environment could on it’s own.

We are very excited to share information here about the work being done to positively impact the environment in rural and northern Ontario, specifically the forestry and agriculture sectors.