Pioneers, who were foresters and farmers, built Ontario's economy and rural and northern communities continue to thrive in these sectors today, centuries later. Much of rural and northern Ontario's economic survival is tied to these two sectors.

Today, grain farmers and foresters contribute approximately $30 billion dollars to Ontario's economy. According to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources...

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It is safe to say farmers and foresters are extremely concerned about environmental sustainability because they rely on the sustainable use of soil, water and land resources for their survival.

Environmental sustainability is vital to the continuation of resource harvesting, and the clear long term interests of forestry and agriculture in the continuing practice their trades provides a deep self interest in doing...

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While the concept of forestry may conger up images of bleak landscapes, scraped clean of all that made them natural, innovation by foresters has brought a greater focus to minimizing negative environment impacts of forestry and doing a better job of mimicking nature, in harvesting forests.

The agriculture sector has used innovation to create better seeds that rely on fewer crop...

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A New Voice for Northern and Rural Ontario

February 2, 2016

Whether it’s the food we eat, the lumber that provides us shelter, the fuel that keeps us warm or moving, or the raw materials woven into the textiles we wear, Ontario farmers and forestry workers are meeting the vital needs of Ontario families everyday and providing those needs in a very sustainable fashion. Their contribution to our economy deserves recognition, their stories of innovative practices deserve to be shared, and their commitment to protecting our environment for future generations should be acknowledged. 

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